A personal message from Level One on COVID-19 and your HVAC System


Just like everyone, we at Level One continue to monitor the latest news and updates regarding the global COVID-19 pandemic. As this issue of enormous scale and human impact continues to rage on, our hearts go out to anyone affected by this outbreak. What is the coronavirus and how does it spread? Here is what […]

How a Cold and Drafty Michigan Office is Costing You Money in 2020


It’s common knowledge that employee productivity is one of the top metrics for the success of a business. But productivity doesn’t happen in a vacuum — there a large number of factors that influence just how well your workers can actually do their jobs, some of them possibly out of your control. The weather, the […]

2020 New Michigan Year – New HVAC Building Automation System


As we enter a new decade it’s time to take stock of our businesses and try to maximize efficiency wherever possible. Technological advancements mean that the competitive gap between companies is shrinking — what used to be an insurmountable lead for your company could be quickly closed down by smaller, more tech-savvy competitors. Part of […]

How Michigan Seasonal Shifts Impact Productivity (and How to Cope)


With the coming of Fall, grey and gloomy skies can permeate our perception of our surroundings. The darker days and colder temperatures can sap energy and cause a multitude of productivity issues at work. At worst, these seasonal changes can make it difficult or impossible for people to get into the proper mental and emotional […]

What is HVAC? | Michigan Commercial HVAC Services


The initials HVAC stand for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. An HVAC system is comprised of the equipment and technologies used in both commercial and residential buildings to control the heating and cooling of the building. This definition is generally accepted across the industrial sector.

How To Beat the Summer Heat But Not Bust Your HVAC Budget


On our hot summer days our HVAC units are probably working harder than you’re used to. If you have a particularly noisy one, you may even hear it plodding along even though it’s on the outside of your building. 100-degree days can mean everyone in the office is looking and feeling sluggish, including your HVAC. […]

2019 Michigan New Year’s Resolutions for Your HVAC System


Happy New Year everyone! 2019 is here and with it comes a wealth of possibilities. Possibilities not only for our own personal growth and fulfillment, but also for our businesses as well. It’s a chance to kick-start the new year on a high note. With that in mind, we want to give you some tips […]

6 Things to Scare You About Michigan HVAC this Halloween


We tend to take out HVAC systems for granted, but they’re hardly indestructible. Just like any other piece of machinery they can fail due to misuse or neglect. Today we’ll be taking a look at some common—and scary—commercial HVAC issues that can come up at almost any time. These problems can be positively spooky, but […]

How To Know If Your Commercial Air Conditioning Is Running Properly


We already talked before about how your HVAC cooling units will be working extra hard during the summer heat. Today, we’ll talk about how you can tell whether your commercial air conditioning system is able to cope with higher temperatures. Your HVAC system is one of the most important parts of your building—indoor air quality […]

Maintaining the Efficiency of your Michigan HVAC System


Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency—that’s the name of the game these days as far as building operation goes. With the advent of smart buildings, smart cities and net zero operation; everyone is scrambling to make sure that their business is wasting as few resources as possible. That’s a good thing! Every little bit counts when it comes […]