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At Level One HVAC our main goal is to provide quality service you cantrust, excellent customer service, and cutting edge HVAC techniques. We also like to give back to our community by providing volunteer and charitable opportunities.

Angels of Hope

“Founded in 2004, Angels of Hope is a
501(c)3 registered nonprofit
organization. Our Board is comprised
of Business Executives and Business
Owners with a single mission;
to provide financial assistance and other
programs to families battling any type
of cancer, anywhere in Michigan. With
98% of donations and proceeds from
events directly supporting our families,
we ensure every dollar does the most

The RIM Foundation

“Our goal is to make a significant and
lasting, positive effect on people who
have had life altering disabilities. We do
this by working with experts at the
Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan
Hospital to identify healthcare
programs, research and initiatives that
will have the greatest impact on
improving the health of those living
with disabilities and their families."

Unshackled Foundation

Did You Know? 27 million people are
enslaved in the world today, more than
during the transatlantic slave trade.
More than 14,500 victims are trafficked
each year into the U.S. from other
countries! The average age of a
trafficked victim in the U.S. is 12-14
years old for girls and 11-13 years old
for boys. 450,000 children are reported
missing in the U.S. each year.
Do you have a passion for fighting
Human Trafficking? Join the
Unshackled events team! For more
information and to join, contact