2020 New Michigan Year – New HVAC Building Automation System


2020 Michigan Commercial HVAC Building Automation Level One

As we enter a new decade it’s time to take stock of our businesses and try to maximize efficiency wherever possible. Technological advancements mean that the competitive gap between companies is shrinking — what used to be an insurmountable lead for your company could be quickly closed down by smaller, more tech-savvy competitors. Part of that is the state of a company’s infrastructure.

As business owners we know the importance of a smooth, hassle-free infrastructure. Lowering friction between all the moving parts of your day-to-day operations can have massive benefits for both client and employee relationships — and, in turn, for profits. System failures can result in slower or stalled production. While you may have your business processes set up and streamlined, what about the physical aspect of your business — your office? Even that can be the difference between success and failure in today’s fast-paced industries.

We think that Building Automation Systems can help set you ahead of the competition. Today we’ll be looking at the factors that make it so.

Enhanced efficiency and lower operating costs

Proper Building Automation Systems include a management control system that allows for sustainable energy management. Being able to cut back on waste and increase the efficiency of your entire building has profound effects on your bottom line, not to mention the time savings of avoiding maintenance visits and work hours lost due to system repairs.

Increased property value

If you ever end up selling your building (most likely because you’re moving to a bigger and better location), Building Automation can make a huge difference in the value of your property. Real estate that contains a building automation system is always valued more than a structure without one; such a system can increase your property value by up to $8 per square foot. For even a small-to-medium sized building, this can mean a difference of $80,000 to $120,000.

Control over security and workplace safety

Other advanced products and technologies that can be integrated into the Building Automation System include surveillance and intrusion detection systems, lighting control, and smoke and toxic gas detection devices. While all businesses are concerned with the security of the facilities in which they operate, Building Automation can take it a step further and can be customized to alert your teams about particular areas of interest that are relevant to your business. The peace of mind of both you and your employees cannot be understated. Building Automation ensures that any vulnerabilities or risks are constantly monitors and can be dealt with as soon as they arise.

Increased comfort

Building Automation Systems don’t just keep the building safe, they also keep the employees happy. Building Automation can be set to respond to the season, outside temperature, and even the amount of sunlight hitting the building — controlling your HVAC and making it massively more effective at keeping people comfortable. With 80% of office workers having complaints about office temperatures, being able to address their concerns means that you’re making a large majority of the people in your company both happier and more productive.

While it’s already 2020, adoption of building automation is only starting to ramp up and you still have time to make sure you aren’t left behind. If your building doesn’t yet have Building Automation, let Level One HVAC help you achieve both big savings and peace of mind. Get in touch with Level One HVAC for design consultation, installation, service, and maintenance for Building Automation Services. Call us at (248) 486-6500 and we’d be happy to talk about what we can offer you! If you don’t have time for a call, you can simply fill in our online contact form and someone from our team of customer service specialists will get in touch with you at a time convenient for you.

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