Fall Can Mean Falling Prices for your Commercial HVAC System


2020 Michigan Fall Commercial HVAC / Level One HVAC

Fall is just about rolling around, and it’s time to start re-evaluate your HVAC unit’s condition. Summer can be brutal on your HVAC system, resulting in poor operation during Fall. It’s best to be ready so you can keep productivity high throughout the colder months. Improper temperatures and poor indoor air quality have been statistically shown to have an adverse effect on worker productivity. In a worst-case scenario your employees could be losing 30 minutes to an hour each day just because of temperature-related concerns. So how do you maintain peak efficiency, maximize worker productivity, and maybe even save some money in the Fall?

If you want to cut down on expenses, then when your building is only sparsely populated you can adjust the temperature to a more appropriate level so you aren’t over-cooling or over-heating the space. Even better would be building automation—An automated HVAC system can calibrate temperature settings and adjust them to maximize power efficiency of air conditioners and heaters, lowering overall electricity usage and saving money. If your HVAC is kept at its optimal setting continuously, it means that you’ll be able to have a more comfortable working environment around the clock – something your employees will certainly appreciate. Additionally, it can save on maintenance costs; a HVAC system that isn’t overly stressed from being turned up too high will last longer than a used and abused system.

Even with the aforementioned measures, the smartest thing you can do is take the time to ensure that your systems are in top shape after the stress of the summer. Different seasons pose different challenges, and impose different kinds of stresses upon your equipment. What’s a smart business owner to do? Regular maintenance is good; new, updated equipment is even better; but the best option is to hire professionals. Specialized HVAC technicians are trained to spot gaps, flaws, and shortcomings in your HVAC system that aren’t immediately apparently from an untrained inspection. They can save you money on new gear, and certified techs will know better than anyone else how to make sure your cooling and heating systems can bear the brunt changing seasons. Without this, in a worst-case scenario, you might have to repair or replace equipment. This kind of work is costly at best, and downright crippling at worst—having no HVAC can send your productivity into a downward spiral as employees become uncomfortable.

If you’re a business owner looking for an HVAC company to fulfill all of your fall preparation needs, Level One HVAC would be glad to help. We are a fully licensed, insured, and certified company specializing in commercial HVAC services all year round. We take our experience and training a notch further by ensuring that all necessary certifications are in place so you don’t have to worry about equipment and compliance issues.

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