It’s Time to Start Thinking About Michigan Commercial Cooling in 2021


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The trees are budding, the grass is poking through the ground, and the warm weather will be here before you know it. While this is good news for most, you might be dreading the warm days ahead if your air conditioning system barely made it through last summer. If your system is barely holding together and can hardly produce cool air, it’s time to start thinking about repairing or replacing it before the seasonal rush—it’s time to start thinking about spring commercial HVAC maintenance.

If you wait until that first 80-degree day to get started, you’ll pay more and might wind up making a mistake if you have to decide quickly. It will be nice to be able to not have to deal with snow removal and high heating bills, but as the weather warms, you’ll be making more use of your HVAC system. Commercial HVAC maintenance is important for maintaining energy efficiency and to keep a smooth-running system. Spring is the perfect time for this maintenance!

Your HVAC unit is just a very large, high-tech heat exchanger. It deals with the air in two environments—the outside air, and the air in the space that needs to be cooled. It does this by taking the heat in the space and transferring it to the outside—so if the outside is already blisteringly hot, transferring heat there will be less efficient, and the unit will have to work much harder to sufficiently cool your space. Not only is there more heat to be removed inside the space, but the outside is also so hot that you can’t easily dump heat there.

Not only does your HVAC unit have to deal with that, but increased humidity also makes it difficult to dump heat to the outside. Excessively high humidity means your unit works even harder to get rid of damp, clammy air, and if your HVAC simply doesn’t have the cooling capacity to do it, you and your employees could be feeling both damp and hot in no time. Definitely not an ideal situation when the heat waves come.

That’s not to say that an overpowered system is any better—if the cooling capacity is too much for your space, then your system won’t be running in the range where it’s most power-efficient, wasting money along the way.

While HVAC systems are made to stand up to both cold and hot temperatures, they’re only able to do that if they’re well-maintained and operating optimally. Any kind of dirt, debris, or minor breakdowns before the heat comes, and you’ll quickly see wear and tear on your compressors and fans. If this happens, the unit could potentially experience overheating and overpressure, resulting in even more damage and possible need for replacement of the entire unit or system.

A system that isn’t properly maintained can have half the lifespan of a professionally maintained system. Replacements and repairs are vastly more costly than regular maintenance. The HVAC system is likely one of the most expensive and essential systems for your business. By preparing and maintaining it early on, you can prevent any possible issues and allow yourself peace of mind for the rest of the year.

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