April Michigan Showers Bring Changes For Your Commercial HVAC System in 2021


Michigan 2021 Commercial HVAC Spring and Summer

The end of winter brings about all sorts of activity. Animals come out of hibernation, plants and flowers start to bloom, and the weather brings the smell of a new year. Everyone starts working to bring about a new start and new growth. Repair and maintenance work are a matter of fact since it’s basically impossible to do these things in the middle of winter.

Spring is the best time for you to fix up your company’s HVAC system. You don’t want to have to do it at the height of summer when your employees are going to need the cooling power the most. Your HVAC system will likely have gone through the wringer during the winter handling heating duty.

Most business will have outdoor units that are larger and have more nooks and crannies than typical residential units. With the warmer spring weather, all sorts of animals will be out and about, looking for new places to nest. You may not think it, but the various warm spaces in an HVAC unit are actually very attractive to birds, rodents, or other animals. Their nests and droppings can have an adverse effect on the effectiveness of your HVAC! Check on these early to make sure that you aren’t giving a home to these critters.

While you’re at it, you should also check on any dirt and debris that could have accumulated on the condenser coils. Depending on where your units are located, a large amount of trash or vegetation could be caught in the coils. To get the best possible performance from your unit means keeping these condenser coils as clear as possible. The surrounding area also needs to be cleaned and cleared to prevent future plant growth from blocking the coils.

Proper maintenance is important when preparing for spring, but we think that’s not enough in this day and age. No, we need to be smarter and more proactive. Simply putting the temperature settings to their lowest and then and forgetting about it just isn’t feasible as you’ll likely end up overworking your system.

Our solution that goes hand-in-hand with regular maintenance: Building Automation. An automated HVAC system can calibrate temperature settings and adjust them to maximize power efficiency of air conditioners and heaters, lowering electricity usage and saving money. If your HVAC is kept at its optimal setting continuously, it means that you can maintain a comfortable working environment around the clock – something your employees will certainly appreciate. Additionally, it can save on maintenance costs; a HVAC system that isn’t overly stressed will last longer than a used and abused system. Keep in mind, though, that contacting a professional for regular check-ups is always a good thing – if you need to keep an HVAC specialist handy, Level One HVAC are ready with our team of specialists.

If your building doesn’t yet have Building Automation, let Level One HVAC help you achieve both big savings and peace of mind. Get in touch with Level One HVAC for design consultation, installation, service, and maintenance for Building Automation Services. Call us at (248) 486-6500 and we’d be happy to talk about what we can offer you! If you don’t have time for a call, you can simply fill in our online contact form and someone from our team of customer service specialists will get in touch with you at a time convenient for you.

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