Michigan Spring Has Sprung—Are You Ready for Building Automation?


Your office building’s air conditioners are working double time now that the warmer months have settled in. Here are a couple things you should be prepared for over these months:

  • You will be anticipating drastic increases in your electricity bill due to the extra work your HVAC equipment is pulling.
  • You will need to be extra cautious about overheating issues because this is a leading cause for building fires and accidents.

Spring is the perfect time to gear your office building for HVAC automation. If you have been apprehensive about making this investment for your building, keep in mind that future energy savings and added building security will eventually outweigh any initial cash outlay for getting building automation services.

So what is building automation? 

Building automation is a centralized control system linked to your building’s heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. Aside from your HVAC units, building automation can also link to your lighting and security system. Simply put, building automation is your building’s command center.

By programming different systems together via a computerized network, building automation makes it possible for you to do the following:

Manage and maintain the comfort of all the occupants in your building

We can safely say that people who experience discomfort inside a building will struggle to feel settled which can make for a negative home or work atmosphere. This can lead to a decrease in productivity at work or unnecessary stressors in the home.

An unseen advantage of having building automation is improvement in the health and wellness of employees or occupants. Drastic changes in humidity can increase the chances of allergic and asthmatic reactions. Do away with health stressors by ensuring that all the spaces in your building have the right temperature and humidity at all times.

Improve efficiency of building systems and utilities

If you do not have building automation, every time there is a change in outdoor temperatures you will have to manually adjust all the controls, thermostats and switches in your building’s HVAC units, lighting fixtures, and so on. Not only does this eat up your time, it also exposes your equipment to unnecessary strain from human error.

Decrease the occurrence of power surges

No matter how stable your power is, changes in outdoor temperature can have an effect on the distribution of electricity in your building. Avoid power surges that could bring about unwanted damages to your equipment by having a building automation system watch and regulate the flow of electricity throughout your building.

Lower your electricity bills

Fluctuations in energy consumption can also have an impact on your electricity bill. A building automation system will help regulate those fluctuations so that all your HVAC units are always running at their most efficient and most conservative states.

Reduce your daily operation costs

Without a building automation system, you will have to hire someone to do regular checks on all of your building’s units. This is an added operational expense that can add up in the long run.

Reduce your maintenance costs & lengthen the life span of your HVAC units

When all of your HVAC units, lights, alarms and other systems are functioning efficiently, the less likely they will break down. Not will you end up saving from maintenance and repairs; but reducing the risk of damage to your HVAC units also prolong their years of service. This ensures you are getting the most out of your investments.

Increase overall building safety and security 

Building automation also increases safety and security in your building. You can program your building’s system to send off alarms in case of emergencies along with an instant notification to the police, fire department, or whoever else should be involved.

Reduced risk of building fires

This is significant especially during spring and summer because outdoor temperatures can cause equipment to overheat and catch fire. If you live in a location with extreme hot weather, you should definitely consider building automation for the added security measure.

Boost occupant morale by increasing quality of life 

Lastly, building automation is an added value to your building. People will want to keep working or living in your building because they feel safe, comfortable and happy.

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