Michigan March Madness and Your HVAC System


Your building’s HVAC system will need some tweaking and adjustments to ensure optimal functionality now that the warmer months are closing. We have put together a quick list of things to inspect on your office building’s HVAC system to help you prepare for spring and summer. Make sure if you are a commercial office building with sophisticated needs to consult the professionals before performing any of this work. Level One is ready to take on your project to deliver energy savings and quality work.

Clean or change your air filters

This is the easiest item on this list and you can probably manage to do this by yourself. After working hard throughout the winter season, your HVAC units will need fresh air filters so you can opt to replace them with new ones or simply clean your old ones.

As a rule, it is important to check or change your air filters at least once a month. This is a simple task that will help prevent early failure and protracted damage to your machines.

Reprogram your thermostat settings

Make sure that your HVAC units are set to provide the optimal heating or cooling required by your building. As outdoor temperature changes, so should your thermostat settings. If you don’t have an automated HVAC system, you will have to adjust the thermostat settings by yourself. This is why you should consider getting an automated HVAC system, which can automatically detect outside temperatures and adjust indoor temperatures accordingly.

Check all of your electrical connections

Some machine parts tend to loosen after transitioning from cold to hot or hot to cold temperatures. This could in turn affect the voltage and current of the units. As a precautionary measure, make sure to tighten all of your electrical connections and have a technician measure the voltage and current in all of your units. This will prevent dangerous power surges and other forms of electrical failure.

Check all the gas components of heating equipment

If you have equipment running on oil or gas, make sure that the oil and gas are at their proper levels. Heating equipment can be fire hazards so make sure that everything is secure and nothing is leaking. Check for loose connections, low gas pressure as well as cracked burners or heat exchangers and have them serviced by a qualified HVAC technician as soon as possible.

Add lubricant to equipment with moving parts

Some machine parts might have gotten stuck throughout the cold season so it is important to apply lubricant to lessen friction. Friction is bad for your machines because it strains the motors and requires the units to use up more electricity than usual.

Inspect the refrigerant level of your HVAC units

The changes in temperature may also cause a drop in the refrigerant level of your HVAC units. When running on low refrigerant, your units will use up more electricity and will not function as efficiently as intended. This also shortens the equipment’s life because it will be required to work harder. Refill your refrigerant levels at the start of the spring season and you should avoid unnecessary strains on your HVAC units.

Clean your condenser and air conditioning coils

Your condenser and air conditioning coils may have accumulated some dirt and grime from the cold months, so it is imperative that you have them cleaned now that the warmer months are here. If your coils remain dirty, your HVAC units will have a harder time cooling your building. This will not only increase the risk of heavy and costly repair but also result in an unwanted increase in your power bill.

Clean out your condensate drain to stop the spread of bacteria

After all the snow has melted, your condensate will become a reservoir for bacteria-filled liquid. If you do not drain this out, bacteria growth can become a health hazard for your entire building. A dirty drain will also prevent the air conditioner units and heaters from functioning at their optimal state.

Don’t leave your HVAC units to chance this spring and summer. Have our professional HVAC specialists perform the necessary inspections and maintenance on your building system. Call Level One HVAC at 248-486-6500 to schedule an inspection! You can also message us directly us on-line through our contact form.

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