5 Signs Of A Failing HVAC System


If you have not replaced your commercial HVAC systems in the last 10 years, there is a high possibility that your heaters, boilers or air conditioners will just stop working. Take a look at your energy bill for the last six months and you might notice an upward trend on cost. Total expenses and the […]

5 Reasons Why Every Building Should Have an HVAC System


HVAC systems are responsible for the regulation of heat, airflow, ventilation, and air conditioning of an entire building. You won’t see the machines when you enter the building but you will most certainly feel the effects of a comfortable and well-ventilated workplace. Here are some of the top reasons why business owners opt to have […]

Welcome To The Future of HVAC—Building Automation


If your office building does not have BAS (Building Automation Services) yet, then your company is missing out on a significant investment. BAS works by integrating or streamlining your building’s heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, along with your lighting, video and data systems, utilities monitoring, security control, rainwater collection systems, as well as […]

Why Are My Building’s Energy Costs So High?


Nothing can be more upsetting than an excessively high power bill. Most budget managers are careful to note any rise or fall in the monthly electric bill, so it is important to know the main causes of these fluctuations. Not only will knowing the root cause of the surges help in lowering costs, it will […]

When To Retire Your Old HVAC Equipment


Your company’s HVAC systems comprise about 33% to 50% of the total business budget. If you continue to ventilate our office floors with old and worn HVAC equipment, you will be losing more money than you can afford. Operational costs and maintenance costs of HVAC systems are undoubtedly high, but they can be significantly reduced […]

7 Tips On How To Save Energy During The Winter


When your power bill arrives, make note of how much of the cost belongs to your heating and cooling equipment. You will notice that about half of the expenses are caused by heaters, air conditioners, and ventilation because these equipment are essential to our everyday comfort. You will need to enforce some power-saving hacks in […]

Low Voltage Wiring and Your Michigan Business


Low voltage wiring is essential for any commercial or industrial (and in fact, residential) structure or building. It allows for the installation of a wide range of equipment and systems in a way that greatly reduces the risk of electrical shock, all while using less electricity – even when more components are being used. Low […]