Ways to Improve Air Quality in Your Michigan Workplace 2021


While it may not seem obvious, indoor air is often of a worse quality than the outside air. While there is smog and pollens and other pollutants outdoors, the fact that air moves freely makes a big difference in how much we’re exposed to these pollutants. This isn’t the case with indoor air.Many health symptoms […]

Preparing For the Coming Michigan Temperature Changes in 2021


We’ve had something of a heat wave lately, but not all signs point to it coming to an end. Cooler weather is approaching, and along with it come challenges that any business owner should take seriously. Today we’ll talk about a number of areas where you can save on costs by being proactive and preparing […]

How Productivity Increases With Proper Temperature Controls in 2021


If you’ve ever worked long-term in any office, you know the eternal battleground of the office thermostat. Some like it hot, some like it cold, and businesses find it almost impossible to please everybody. It’s been extensively shown that when it’s too hot and productivity slides. Too cold, and the same thing happens. Other factors […]

Signs Your Michigan Cooling System Needs Work in 2021


Your HVAC system is one of the most important parts of your building—indoor air quality has a serious impact on employee health, happiness, and productivity—not to mention your energy bills. To see if you’ve got any issues on your hands, ask yourself if you’ve noticed any of the following: Strange smells and odors Rattling or […]

Why You Need Building Automation in the Michigan Summer 2021


If you have your own office space or building, you’ve probably experienced some form of HVAC troubles in the hotter months. Uneven heating or cold spots, unpleasant odors, weird knocking or grinding sounds — fear not, you don’t have a ghost! It’s probably that your HVAC system is either struggling to keep up with the […]

How Your HVAC System Reacts to the Michigan 2021 Summer Months


It’s almost June, and that means the hottest days of the year are on the horizon. With warmer weather outside, your HVAC will have to work to keep your space cool and comfortable. If you have a particularly noisy one, you may even hear it plodding along even though it’s on the outside of your […]

April Michigan Showers Bring Changes For Your Commercial HVAC System in 2021


The end of winter brings about all sorts of activity. Animals come out of hibernation, plants and flowers start to bloom, and the weather brings the smell of a new year. Everyone starts working to bring about a new start and new growth. Repair and maintenance work are a matter of fact since it’s basically […]

How a Commercial HVAC Heating System Works in 2021


An HVAC system is meant to change the climate within whatever type of building it is installed. Of course, this is easier said than done when your space is larger—whether horizontally or vertically. Commercial, industrial, or public buildings will of course have more sprawling spaces than private residences. A commercial HVAC system isn’t just bigger […]

Commercial Heating Building Automation Can Save You Money in 2021!


Building Automation Services (also known as BAS) is comprised of your commercial property’s discrete systems. This includes security, CCTV, internet, lighting, and HVAC systems. All Building Automation Services does is it brings together all those systems into one system where you can monitor and control everything – giving you immense control over what happens in […]

Michigan Winter is Coming – How to Prepare for the Cold Weather to Save Money in 2020


Colder temperatures are rolling in, and it’s time to start re-evaluate your HVAC unit’s condition. Winter is one of the hardest times of the year for heating and cooling systems—don’t sacrifice your workers’ comfort to save pennies before the cold hits. It’s best to be ready so you can keep productivity high throughout the colder […]

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