How the Warming Michigan Weather Impacts Your HVAC System in 2020


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Springtime is here, and it brings a lot of new growth — animals come out of hibernation, plants and flowers start to bloom, and the weather brings the smell of a new year. Everyone starts working to bring about a new start. Repair and maintenance work are a matter of fact since it’s basically impossible to do these things in the middle of winter.

Spring is the best time for you to fix up your company’s HVAC system. You don’t want to have to do it at the height of summer when your employees are going to need the cooling power the most. Your HVAC system will likely have gone through the wringer during the winter handling heating duty. This means that your commercial cooling equipment could be working harder than normal and using more electricity than anticipated.

Are your employees comfortable?

Any business owner needs to pay attention to thermal comfort. Thermal comfort is said to be achieved when 80 percent of the occupants are satisfied with the indoor conditions. This means there will still be a few individuals that are either too hot or too cold on most days.

However, if you find yourself getting increasing complaints about the temperature and humidity levels, even when the outdoor temperatures are normal, you may want to conduct a survey to determine if your HVAC equipment is meeting the needs of your employees and residents. If you find that less than 80 percent of your occupants are comfortable, you may need to have your commercial heating and cooling equipment inspected for efficiency and operation. Studies have shown that uncomfortable workers are prone to making more errors, reducing productivity.

Increased wear and tear

On a normal day, your HVAC system trades the hot air from inside your building with cooler air outside. At the point when the weather is extremely hot, your unit needs to work almost double the amount it normally does. With increased operation due to the high outdoor temperatures and the need to allow hot, humid air into the building in order to offset indoor pollution, your commercial HVAC system will experience increased wear and tear. In order to combat this problem and keep your air conditioner running efficiently, you may want to consider more frequent HVAC inspections. HVAC inspections are designed to locate problems within your system before they result in expensive repair bills.

Maintenance is key

While HVAC systems are made to stand up to both cold and hot temperatures, they’re only able to do that if they’re well-maintained and operating optimally. Any kind of dirt, debris, or minor breakdowns before the heat comes, and you’ll quickly see wear and tear on your compressors and fans. If this happens, the unit could potentially experience overheating and overpressure, resulting in even more damage and possible need for replacement of the entire unit or system.

A system that isn’t properly maintained can have half the lifespan of a professionally maintained system. Replacements and repairs are vastly more costly than regular maintenance. The HVAC system is likely one of the most expensive and essential systems for your business. By preparing and maintaining it early on, you can prevent any possible issues and allow yourself peace of mind for the rest of the year.

For any of your maintenance needs, a reputable and reliable HVAC company is your solution. At Level One HVAC we are experts at both installing and maintaining your HVAC systems year-round. Don’t hesitate to call us at (248) 486-6500 if you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you. If you’re busy, we have an online contact form for you to fill out and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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