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A smart business owner is always going to be looking for ways to increase efficiency and productivity. A key part of that is keeping your employees happy, healthy, and safe. While a lot of benefit can be had from simply trusting your subordinates to do their duties, business owners and upper management have the responsibility to ensure that the working environment is optimal in order for workers. The most productive work environment is one that is seamless—where comfort is so ingrained into the culture that it hardly even needs to be mentioned. If the employees are constantly thinking about the temperature of the workplace or are missing work days because of easily-preventable contagious illnesses, then something needs to change. One of the biggest ways these problems can be addressed is the HVAC system.

Heat stress is a real issue that needs to be addressed

This is something that is sadly prevalent in a lot of workplaces. Heat stress causes the human body to lose both water and electrolytes faster than usual. Because of that, workers will have trouble retaining focus and productivity. Even physical performance can be compromised, resulting in employees who are less agile both mentally and physically. Heat-related illnesses are also a result of heat stress, with conditions ranging from rashes all the way to heat strokes. Maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the course of the day is one way to minimize its effects. An insufficient or improperly sized HVAC system will can have trouble maintaining that temperature, resulting in fluctuations in comfort for the workers. Minimizing workplace variables such as temperature differences is one way of ensuring that you and your workers get the most out of every single workday. The key takeaway: you need a reliable, properly sized and properly installed HVAC system to prevent these heat-related issues.

Allergens can be minimized

While simple heat-related issues can usually be addressed this way, a more complicated issue that companies deal with is foreign allergens and pollutants. Few workplaces are going to be perfectly clean a hundred percent of the time. As much as it would be ideal to be able to seal off your office from the smog and dirt of the outside air, the fact of the matter is that you are going to have to have a way to clean the air inside your workplace. Small amounts of allergens are rarely an issue—it’s when these build up and become a chronic workplace issue that productivity suffers. Once again, your HVAC system is your main line of defense: a good HVAC will be able to filter out allergens and toxins before they become a major problem.

Maintenance is absolutely vital

While a good HVAC system can do these things, it’s not going to be able to do it if it isn’t properly maintained. Even the strongest air conditioner can’t cool effectively if the condenser coils are blocked or dirty, resulting in higher costs and lower efficiency. Toxin and allergen-busting air filters are great, unless they’re already clogged with dirt and debris.

For all of these problems, preventative maintenance is your frontline solution. A reputable HVAC company will be able to diagnose all of these issues, sometimes before they even happen. Once the problems arise, they’re also usually your only recourse—so having a good, reliable HVAC company on your go-to list of numbers to call is a smart idea.

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