Why Not Having Building Automation Should Scare You


Everyone likes to be a little scared sometimes, so in the spirit of Halloween we’re going to be talking about some really scary stuff, things that can have any business owner quaking in their boots. No, we won’t be telling you tales about creepy crawlies, mythical monstrosities or gibbering ghosts – today we’ll be talking about how you might be losing money right now.

How, you ask? The answer is simple – if you don’t have Building Automation Services. Simply put, Building Automation Services (or BAS) is comprised of your office building’s separate systems: HVAC, security and access control, CCTV, internet, lighting, etc. Building Automation Services integrates all of those discrete systems into one system allowing you to monitor everything that is happening in your building. Here’s just a few awful things that can happen if your building isn’t protected and monitored by BAS:

Higher utility costs

An automated HVAC system can calibrate temperature settings and adjust them to maximize power efficiency of air conditioners and heaters, lowering overall electricity usage and saving money. If your HVAC is kept at its optimal setting continuously, it means that you can maintain a comfortable working environment around the clock – something your employees will certainly appreciate. Additionally, it can save on maintenance costs; a HVAC system that isn’t overly stressed will last longer than a used and abused system (but contacting a professional for regular check-ups is always a good thing).

Higher risk of human error

While your employees are likely doing the best they can, they aren’t perfect, nobody is –especially if their work environment is too hot or too cold or if they have to run through complicated security procedures just to get to where they have to be. Tired and cranky employees are at risk of leaving lights on when unused, setting air conditioning and heating units too high or too low, or leaving doors unlocked. Too often you’ll hear cases of industrial espionage where infiltrators simply walked into supposedly “secure” areas of buildings because someone left a door open! If you leave the heavy lifting to Building Automation Services, you can monitor the state of your office all from one central location and make sure that you aren’t exposing yourself to leaks – both money and security leaks.

Higher maintenance costs

Not only does a manual system put stress on your employees, it also puts stress on your maintenance budget. Without a centralized system that lets you monitor all aspects of your building, it falls to chance that someone will notice malfunctions and errors and report them before the problem gets too severe. But let’s remember that prevention beats a cure, as the old saying goes – if you have BAS in place, you can set it to monitor your building systems’ components and alert you whenever anything needs to be replaced, repaired or cleaned. Why wait around for bad things to happen when you can nip them in the bud and save precious money and man-hours? The answer is pretty clear. 

Lower real estate value

This is a long-term investment, but the money is no joke. You might not be keen to sell your office property, but this added value can make or break a deal if you do end up wanting to sell. A BAS is a great selling point and all but guarantees a higher valuation for your property. At most, property value increases by up to $8 per square foot per $1 of square foot saved. If you have a mid-sized property – say 100,000 square feet – because you have a BAS your building may be worth up to $80,000 more than it would otherwise!

If your building doesn’t have an automated system, let Level One HVAC help you achieve both big savings and peace of mind. Get in touch with Level One HVAC for design consultation, installation, service and maintenance for Building Automation Services. Call us at (248) 486-6500 and we’d be happy to talk about what we can offer you! If you don’t have time for a call, you can simply fill in our online contact form and someone from our team of contact specialists will get in touch with you at a time convenient for you.

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