What Makes a Good HVAC Technician?


Determining whether a career is right for you can be challenging. There are many elements worth considering when choosing a career – factors such as interests, attitudes, skills, training, and availability of work are all essential. However, equally important is whether your choice of a job serves a need. Now more than ever, there is a rising demand for professionals in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, and this makes it an excellent career choice.

Mechanics and installers, collectively known as HVAC technicians, are professionals who work on heating, ventilation, cooling and refrigeration systems which control the air quality in commercial establishments and in residences. Like any other profession, being a HVAC Technician requires a set of skills plus other qualifications. Hard work and risks are always present, but with the proper training, equipment, and mindset, this is a stable and rewarding career.

Working in HVAC befits people who do not want a monotonous workplace. Every day brings you to a new environment to deal with new issues and interact with new people. This is a job that gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after successfully dealing with demanding situations.

So, what exactly does a technician need to possess to be a good technician? Whether you are installing, repairing, or maintaining a unit, these qualities will give you an edge:

  • Knowledge and Skills – You need to acquire formal credentials such as a certificate, diploma, or degree that will equip you with the proper know-how. An extensive knowledge and understanding of mechanical and technical data will help you to perform at your best. Training will hone your skills, especially with mechanical systems, because technicians are required to have expertise in the areas of disassembly, repair, assembly, and programming.
  • Good communication and people skills – Since this is a service-oriented business, possessing exceptional customer service skills is always a plus. A good HVAC technician is able to explain the situation to clients in simple language while avoiding confusing technical jargon. Clients will appreciate your professionalism and your effort to create a friendly environment.
  • Good time management – You need to be able to competently manage a schedule while staying organized. Sometimes technicians are required to deal with multiple client calls in a day so you should be able to do each task efficiently.
  • Licensed and certified – An HVAC technician is required to have certain licenses in order to practice as a full-fledged technician. Additionally, the EPA demands that all HVAC technicians be certified in proper refrigerant handling. After undergoing all the courses and training, you need to take a special certification exam before you are qualified to begin working.
  • Physical strength – Since this job means lifting parts, equipment, and other objects, it is helpful to be strong and in shape because some parts and equipment can be heavy. This quality also ensures that you have the stamina to make it through the day.
  • Attention to detail – You must be able to keep accurate records of each project, from the work done to the kind of equipment used. Being detail-oriented and organized will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.
  • Practice safety at work – Because HVAC technicians work with gas, water, electricity, and other moving parts, safety should always be a top priority. A good HVAC technician will be mindful of his or her surroundings before beginning any work. One should also be conscious of the different safety hazards that are associated with the job and be aware of how to prevent any accidents.
  • Troubleshooting skills – Sometimes, on-the-spot diagnosis and repair are required, especially in emergency cases. A good HVAC technician asks questions, assesses the equipment and uses good troubleshooting skills to be able to quickly determine and detect the problem.
  • Reliability and courtesy – Being dependable means you are committed to your job. This is a good sign that you do not take your work for granted. Other stand-out qualities that will go a long way in this business are politeness and finesse.

A good HVAC technician needs to be more than just technically knowledgeable about air conditioners and heating systems; one should also possess a congenial personality and a positive attitude, along with a desire to maintain the good working reputation that Level One strives to uphold.

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