Why Are My Building’s Energy Costs So High?


Nothing can be more upsetting than an excessively high power bill. Most budget managers are careful to note any rise or fall in the monthly electric bill, so it is important to know the main causes of these fluctuations. Not only will knowing the root cause of the surges help in lowering costs, it will also allow your HVAC units to run longer, which will lead to even more savings.

Here are some of the possible reasons behind why your building’s energy costs are so high:

  • Lack of preventive HVAC maintenance.

When was the last time you had all of your HVAC units serviced? Just because you don’t see any damages on the outside of the machines does not mean they are not due for an inspection. HVAC units are just like automobiles in that they need regular servicing to ensure optimal performance throughout all seasons.

Have a professional team check your HVAC units for any sign of wear and tear. The more regularly you do this, the longer you will be able to use your machines. Spending on preventive maintenance is still cheaper than having to buy replacement units because the ones you have, have conked out from neglect.

  • You have inefficient thermostat settings.

Not all HVAC units have programmable thermostat settings. Sometimes, those with programmable thermostats come at a more expensive rate. However, setting your thermostat to high throughout the day will definitely give you bill shock, so most companies consider it an investment to get HVAC units with programmable settings. Not only will this curb the spikes in your power bill, it will also ensure that your building is properly cooled at the most efficient level at any given time of the day.

Studies show that HVAC units with programmable settings can reduce your power bill by up to 10%. To add to the convenience, you can also look for HVAC models with built-in Wi-Fi so you can adjust the settings to your liking from your own mobile device.

  • Overdue duct sealing and insulation jobs.

Your HVAC units are not the only ones in need of regular inspection. Through the different seasons, your building will also need regular sealing and insulation jobs to effectively protect your workplace from unwanted leaks. A building with leaks will ask all your cooling equipment to work twice as hard, which will then be more expensive. Partner your HVAC maintenance with some re-sealing projects to further cut down your power bill.

  • Lack of basic building improvement jobs.

More than 20% of your building’s heat comes from direct sunlight, so a few affordable improvement projects can provide your air conditioners with much needed assistance. For example, you may choose to install a ceiling fan to help in the circulation of air throughout the floor. A ceiling fan can even make your workplace feel 5 degrees cooler at minimal cost.

Another simple solution is to install heavy blinds or thick curtains to block off as much sunlight during the day. These can easily be rolled up or replaced come wintertime.

If you are decided on cutting down your power costs, you may follow all of the suggestions above. To make things easier you should contact Level One HVAC. We are a full service HVAC team that specializes in multiple HVAC services for business clients. Whether your building is due for a basic inspection or a thorough rundown, we have the crew and the equipment to serve you. Call us at 248-486-6500 to know more about our full range of HVAC services!

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