Ways to Improve Air Quality in Your Michigan Workplace 2021


Michigan Air Quality HVAC 2021While it may not seem obvious, indoor air is often of a worse quality than the outside air. While there is smog and pollens and other pollutants outdoors, the fact that air moves freely makes a big difference in how much we’re exposed to these pollutants. This isn’t the case with indoor air.Many health symptoms experienced by workers are caused by indoor air pollution, which is precisely why it’s essential to keep the air inside your commercial building clean and safe. This not only promotes comfort among your employees but also protects their health.

Indoor air quality describes how the air inside a building or facility affects a person’s health, comfort, and ability to work. It’s a major concern to businesses, employees, and rental managers because indoor air can have a huge impact on the well-being and productivity of employees.

Several studies by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regarded indoor air pollution as a major problem. While most commercial buildings don’t have severe issues, even the most well-maintained buildings can have episodes of poor indoor air. According to the EPA, poor indoor air quality can lead to productivity problems and increased absences among employees. It is estimated that all these health consequences cost the billions of dollars each year due to medical care and productivity loss.

Today we’re going to try to give you actionable tips for preventing losses due to poor indoor air quality.

  • Improve air ventilation. The first thing that you can do is to allow the stale air out and the fresh air in by opening up your air vents and keeping them unblocked. Just the simple act of opening windows every once in a while can already help a lot.
  • Air filtration. Clean your air filters regularly, as any blockage or dirt on the filters can negatively affect their performance. If they need replacement because they’re worn out or damaged, replace them immediately and check them regularly.
  • Get some indoor plants. Don’t just rely on machines and electronic devices to clean your air. You can get help straight from Mother Nature as well, by getting indoor plants to absorb stale air and produce a fresh one. Plus, just having all that greenery there certainly helps freshen up any space.
  • Prohibit smoking within office grounds. This includes areas where windows are open or where air vents might be present. To make sure that their location is all-clear, you should proactively set designated smoking and vaping area yourself. We understand that some employees might not appreciate their employers making walk far just to smoke, but hey, it’s the entire office’s health we’re talking about here—and that includes theirs as well.
  • Deal with weird odors immediately. Finally, you must come up with a plan with your maintenance crew on how to deal with bad odors in the workplace. A solid way to do that is by simply keeping the office clean all day and dealing with spills immediately. In fact, we recommend you to go the extra mile and schedule regular air testing and cleaning session every few months just to make sure.

These are the things you can do yourself, but if you feel like your indoor air is still subpar, you may need professional help to remedy the situation. A reputable HVAC company will be able to seek out any problem areas and give you guidance as to how to proceed.

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