2017 New Year Resolutions For Your HVAC System


Let this year be the year you gain impressive returns from your commercial HVAC system. It’s as simple as following a regular checklist for routine maintenance. The incremental steps you take to check and maintain your building’s HVAC system will exponentially grow into significant savings.

Do you want to turn your building’s heaters and air conditioners into savings? Read on below to know what you can do by yourself, and what you’ll need special assistance for.

What can I do to maintain my building’s HVAC? 

If you have the time to spare, make sure to do regular rounds to inspect your HVAC system. You may also delegate this task to someone in your team. The important thing is someone is doing the important job of ensuring your building’s heaters and air conditioners are always in tiptop shape.

Clean out dirt and debris.

This is the simplest step of all, but the returns are tenfold. If you clear unwanted dirt and grime from your equipment, you will be stopping the buildup of damaging growth in its tracks. Clean your machines by regularly wiping them dry. The less damage you have to deal with in the future, the more savings will fit into your pocket.

Protect your machines with weatherproof covers.

This is especially important for machines located outside of your building. Don’t wait until the elements work their way into your machines. Invest on heavy-duty weatherproof covers to protect your machines no matter the season. This step will also make it easier for you to keep all of your HVAC machines clean and functioning.

Always refill water levels in your humidifier.

Nothing can be as annoying as entering a building filled with hot, dry air. Don’t let your building’s humidity become unbearable by refilling the water levels in your humidifier. Again, this is a simple step that will give you immediate results as well as long-term rewards.

Throw out and replace dirty air filters.

This is another small step that makes a world of difference. Don’t obstruct the natural airflow in your commercial building by ensuring that all of your air filters are clean. Using dirty air filters will only cause your HVAC system to work harder, which then makes it more prone to different types of lasting wear and tear, not to mention higher bills.

What can a professional HVAC technician do for me? 

Following the simple steps above is your responsibility as a building or business owner. However, there are more complex tasks that need the special attention of a licensed and trained technician. Here are some of the important tasks that only a technician can do for you.

Troubleshooting the HVAC units for invisible problems.

There is more than meets the eye, and this is especially true for HVAC units. Just because your machines look like they’re running perfectly doesn’t always mean that they’re problem-free. Expect a technician to know more about the inside of HVAC units and they should be able to diagnose many problems before they get worse. Schedule an inspection date with a technician and ask for a comprehensive analysis of all your HVAC units in your building. This will give you a better idea of what needs to be done to ensure that all your machines are in optimal condition.

Install an automation system for your HVAC units.

You’ve heard about the wonderful benefits of having an automation system in commercial buildings. Don’t wait another year before you consider making this important investment. An automation system will self-regulate your HVAC units so they will function at their most efficient settings at all times. This will save you the burden of having to manually set the timers and temperature controls yourself. An automation system will also tell you when your units are due for maintenance, so you’ll never miss a necessary repair again.

All of these steps are crucial in maintaining a cost-effective HVAC system. The more you ignore the importance of these steps, the higher the price in the long run. Let Level One HVAC install an automation system in your building this year. We can also do all the important preventive maintenance steps required for all types of units. Call us at +1 (248) 486-6500 to know how we can help!

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