Winter and Your HVAC System: What To Know


Caring for your commercial building’s HVAC system is a year-round task and we can help you be prepared by telling you what to expect when the temperatures drop. Temperature changes have been fluctuating, and we have been experiencing colder months compared to previous generations, so it is important to keep your building’s HVAC system fully functional at all times. If you don’t want to start the New Year with inflated electricity bills, unexpected repairs or unplanned equipment replacement, then take the time to inspect your building’s HVAC system and do the following:

Ensure that your heating system is working like new.

The single most important function of your HVAC system during the colder months is to keep everyone working in your building nice and warm. If you are an employer, it is your responsibility to provide your employees with a good environment conducive for productivity and rapport. Nothing dampens the company morale faster than an excessively cold office or catching an untimely flu before Christmas.

To keep your heating systems working like new, you must do the following:

  • Look for carbon build up and have it removed by a professional HVAC technician.
  • Study your heater’s combustion system and test it by applying different temperature settings. If your heater responds accordingly, then you can be confident that it will keep everyone feeling nice and toasty.
  • Clean the boiler tubes and remove any dirt or grit.
  • Look for cracks and leaks in any of the system’s tubes and pipes.
  • Make sure that your water pressure gauges aren’t broken.
  • Inspect your expansion tanks. Flooded tanks can be a major problem so be sure your tanks get the proper air cushioning at all times.

Winter-proof your cooling equipment. 

Just because you won’t be using your cooling equipment doesn’t mean that you can leave them alone without proper cleaning and storage. If you have a cooling tower, be sure to drain it dry. Empty all your drain traps and make sure no leftover residue from condensation is present. Turn your coolers off completely, or schedule when they should be turned on again through your programmable thermostat.

Ideally, keep your cooling equipment clean and dry so they will be fully functional again once the warmer months settle in.

Change all of your air filters.

There is no other way around it. The start of the heating season signals for fresh and new air filters because they will be put to work in the next couple of months. Leaving dirty or broken filters will not only impede your HVAC’s performance, it will also heighten the chances of repair and shorten your machine’s overall life span.

Fix holes, gaps and leaks in all of your building doors, windows and walls. 

Leaving gaps and holes in your doors, windows and walls is like throwing away money. Allowing warm air to escape your building will render your HVAC equipment inefficient, and you’ll cause them to work harder than necessary. You’ll increase the chances of repair and maintenance, and you’ll pay a higher price when the power bill arrives. Don’t wait until the snow comes in before you seal all cracks in your commercial building.

Program your automatic thermostat with the right temperature settings.

If your building has an automated HVAC system installed, you can calibrate the temperature settings so your building can be heated at the most efficient time and level. This means instant savings for you. The more efficiently your HVAC system is running, the less you have to pay.

Having an automated HVAC system in your commercial building will also help you properly maintain all your heating and cooling machines. These advanced systems can be pre-programmed to let you know if any of your equipment is overheating or is in need of maintenance. Knowing the state of your HVAC system is also a step toward more savings.

Equip your building with an automated HVAC system to help you keep your work environment as comfortable as possible. Increased comfort also increases worker’s productivity, so you can be assured that this is an investment worth taking. Moreover, you’ll get savings from more efficient utilities. For your commercial HVAC needs, contact our professional team at Level One HVAC by dialing 248-486-6500 or contact us through our website now.

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