Fall HVAC Checklist – Things To Prepare For


All commercial property owners go through a fall checklist in preparation for the winter season. This is necessary for maintenance purposes, especially since maintenance services are harder to schedule and accomplish once the months are colder. Aside from raking leaves away from the property, sealing cracks, weather stripping the windows, and de-cluttering parking lots, every commercial property owner should also perform a thorough inspection of all heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) units.

Here is a quick checklist of things to watch out for when you inspect your building’s HVAC units:

Things You Can Do Yourself:

This section outlines the preventive measures that you can accomplish by yourself or with the help of a fellow employee.

  • Clear any debris and unwanted plant growth / vegetation from the exterior heat pump unit.

This is to ensure that nothing will interfere with the efficiency of the machine. When left undone, the debris could damage the unit, which will result in additional costs for your company.

  • Protect your outdoor HVAC units with a weatherproof cover.

First, inspect your outdoor units for any sign of damage and have them repaired before you cover up the unit. This way, you can prolong the longevity of the unit by protecting it from the elements during the wintertime.

  • Clean or replace your air filters.

Using an old or dirty air filter will obstruct proper airflow into your commercial building. This fall, make sure to check all your air filters and do not hesitate to throw out old and worn ones.

  • Refill your humidifier with water.

This quick and easy step will ensure that your commercial building will have the proper humidity levels all throughout the winter season. This will also prevent the occurrence of dry air in your building.

  • Check the batteries of your detectors and alarms.

Another small but very important step in maintaining the optimal use of your HVAC units is to check if any of the batteries need replacement. You don’t want to risk missing an important alarm, like in your carbon monoxide detector, just because you were running on low batteries.

Things You Should Let Professionals Handle 

Not all HVAC repair and maintenance jobs are as easy as the ones previously mentioned above. Some jobs are best left to the professionals because of the level of skill and technical know-how involved. Licensed and trained professionals will also be equipped with the complete safety gear when handling HVAC units so they can minimize the risk of accidents and possible contamination from toxic refrigerants or coolants.

Here are the jobs you should hire a professional HVAC specialist to accomplish:

  • Intensive cleaning of the HVAC units.

It is easy to clean the exterior of HVAC units, however, the interior is a completely different story. You should trust the intensive cleaning of your ducts, vents, and clogged filters to a trusted HVAC contractor. Aside from cleaning these parts, a professional will also inspect that all connections are tightened so no leak may occur. They can also install insulation for the pipes so freezing will be avoided.

  • Adjusting the control settings of the HVAC units.

Professionals will know how to program your HVAC units so they give out the optimal temperature throughout the building while also running on energy saving settings. If you are not familiar with this technical know-how, you will not be able to program your units to run in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Troubleshooting the HVAC units for possible issues.

Not all of us know what a faulty air conditioner or heater sounds or feels like. We may continue to use the equipment without being aware of possible issues that could cause damage to the machines and surrounding environment. Only a trained HVAC specialist will know how to spot these problems so they don’t turn into more complicated problems.

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